Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate is a time-proven strategy to increase wealth and achieving financial freedom.  Storehouse Realty has helped many first-time and seasoned investors build their real estate investment portfolios into profitable, alternative streams of income by targeting properties with positive cash flow. In addition to real estate appreciation, building equity from rents, and tax write-offs, real estate investment properties with a net positive cash flow is actual dollars deposited into your bank account. These real estate properties mostly consist of single family residences and multifamily homes such as duplexes and fourplexes.  It also includes commercial real estate investment such as apartment complexes, retail space, and office space.

Finding real estate investment in Austin is no easy task.  It takes time, hard work, and a lot of dedication for a Realtor to find investment properties.  Every investor has their own goals and criteria for the perfect real estate investment, which means the required time, work, and dedication are multiplied for each investor client. Simply put, one Realtor can only help so many investor clients at a consistent high level. At Storehouse, we’ve gathered an informal group of real estate investors that include past clients and referral specifically geared toward targeting and acquiring real estate investment opportunities.

Each real estate investor must have to have cash in hand or be pre-approved by a preferred lender and ready to purchase real estate investment properties in Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, and Jarrell.  Storehouse curates several real estate properties with cash flow potential to be sent to the investor group and investors will have an equal opportunity to purchase the investment property on a “first come, first serve” basis.  Many of these real estate investments are prominently advertised on the Austin MLS and online real estate websites such as and so the competition for Austin real estate is fierce. This is the precise reason having cash in hand or being pre-approved coupled with lightning quick response are imperative.

In addition to a list of real estate investments, each property will contain detailed investment numbers crucial to making a wise investment decision, including sales price, property taxes, rental rate, management fees, vacancy, and repairs.  More importantly, you will know the projected annual income, expense, cash flow before and after taxes, and return on investment before and after taxes. As an investor, you choose which real estate investments to purchase based on your personal goals and criteria. There is never any sales pressure or tactics used. If there’s a property you want to purchase, you submit an offer; if not, you move on.

But that’s not all.  With Storehouse Realty’s strong presence as listing broker in Georgetown, Round Rock, and Austin, we have exclusive knowledge of homes for sale (aka pocket listings) that may have great potential as real estate investment before they hit the open market. These properties are often offered to our investors before hitting the market, further increasing your chance of adding the property to your portfolio.

There is no cost or fee associated with our investor group.  The only requirement is your commitment to use a Storehouse agent for any curated real estate investment purchased.  Contact us today to take your first step towards financial freedom!